Percona RPMS for RedHat 5 / CentOS 5 x86_64


经过测试,和官方的发行版相当,性能略有下降。但是新增了microsecond slow query log和innodb index statistic对很多人来说都很有帮助,还是值得的。有兴趣的朋友可以试试看。


LinkedIn Clicks with Sun & MySQL to Connect Over 25 Million Professionals Worldwide

SANTA CLARA, CA -- July 28, 2008 -- Sun Microsystems, announced that the largest professional networking site, LinkedInhas selected Sun's MySQL Enterprise database subscription to supportthe company's rapid growth. With a network of more than 25 millionprofessionals in more than 170 industries from around the globe andmany more joining daily, LinkedIn turned to Sun when it recognized theneed to increase the speed and performance of the open source databasethat powers its public Web site.


eBay Subsidiary Grows its Business with Sun's MySQL Database

Disruptive New Unlimited Subscription Offering Allows Companies to
Monitor & Support All their MySQL Database Servers for One Low Price

AMSTERDAM -- July 16, 2008 --, the largest
E-commerce platform in The Netherlands, and part of eBay since 2004, is
growing its business on Sun Microsystems' MySQL Enterprise™ Unlimited
database subscription offering. To enable their fast growth, protect
site uptime, and contain IT expenses, the company is using a flexible
and scalable infrastructure based on open source technology such as
MySQL™ -– backed by Sun's 24x7 global database support team.



感谢您对MySQL的支持。对我们庞大的MySQL社区,MySQL公司充满感激。对于我们来说,满足使用者的需求并支持其应用是非常重要的!现在,我们非常高兴的宣布:MySQL社区关系经理Colin Charles将访问北京,来与中国的MySQL使用者面对面交流。
Colin Charles准备和您探讨如下问题:
* 怎样着手组织您自己的用户组
* 解答MySQL技术方面的问题
* MySQL产品路线图和发展趋势
* MySQL产品的体系架构

您可以选择以下时间与Colin Charles见面交流:
时间:2007年9月14日(周五) 9:00-17:00
地点:万里开源公司 会议室(北京市建国门外大街甲12号新华保险大厦503室)



非常好的mysql运行状态报告工具,最中药的就是增加了对InnoDB的支持,详情请看 mysqlreport,打算过阵子有空就翻译它的手册。


EUROPAGES Selects MySQL Enterprise


International Business Directory Chooses Open Source Database for its high data availability and unrivalled performance

Paris -- May 2, 2007 -- MySQL AB, developer of the world's most popular open source database, today announced that the EUROPAGES international business directory has chosen MySQL Enterprise to power its critical online applications.


mysql 6.0


mysql 5.2 is now mysql 6.0:

6.0 is basically the falcon release with subquery optimizer additions.

6.1 Online backup, more subquery optimizations, foreign keys for main engines, and more performance diagnostics.

Online Backup Detail:

  • Cross Engine Support

  • Non-blocking for DML, ie. INSERT UPDATE not blocking

  • Blocking on DDL still

  • SQL command driven

  • Full server database and point in time recovery
  • Nitro Engine:

  • Extreme insertion rates
  • Linear CPU rates


  • In beta
  • Not ACID complient but sort - of
  • Very fast rollbacks
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