MySQL Builds Momentum in Telecom Sector

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Tiger Communications, XOU Solutions & Anam Mobile Join Growing List of Telecom Companies Adopting Open Source Database

LONDON -- June 14, 2006 -- MySQL AB, the developer of the world's most popular open source database, is seeing growing momentum in the UK-Ireland telecommunications sector with Tiger Communications, XOU Solutions and Anam Mobile leading a growing number of businesses adopting MySQL® open source database solutions.
MySQL's success in the UK-Ireland telecom sector is reflected elsewhere in Europe. Alcatel, Nokia, Ericsson, Telio and Nortel have all selected MySQL products for important applications in the recent past.

Tiger Communications, a leading global supplier of powerful solutions for voice traffic management, billing and networks in the commercial and hospitality markets, has selected MySQL as the database engine for its Tiger 2020 Pro and Tiger Hotel Pro products.

Stephen McCallum, Tiger’s Business Development director, said: "The choice of database technology was critical to the success of our customer solutions. We undertook an intensive selection process measuring competitive products for key factors such as scalability, reliability, performance and deployment cost. MySQL was the clear winner in all categories and is now at the heart of our customer solutions."

XOU Solutions develops advanced tools to monitor complex computer and communications networks. According to Michael Keane, CEO of XOU Solutions, "MySQL has shown itself to be the ideal database for our multi-customer deployments and has supported our intensive data gathering and analysis tools well."

Anam Mobile develops highly sophisticated message delivery and interception platforms for wireless network operators worldwide. Anam's Smart Services Framework allows message and data communications (SMS, MMS and WAP) to be intercepted in-flight, allowing Smart Services to be applied to the communications before they are delivered.

John Murtagh, vice president of Engineering at Anam, said, "We selected MySQL after an extensive assessment of several databases. We are confident that MySQL can provide the extremely high level of reliability that our customers demand."

Commenting on MySQL's growing presence in the UK telecom sector, Joe Morrissey, MySQL AB's sales director for Northern Europe, said: "This represents a powerful endorsement for MySQL from businesses in the telecommunications sector. We are finding that our commitment to high availability, reliability and low total cost-of-ownership is driving significant growth for us in this important market."

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