Leading French Retailers select MySQL for their Supply Chain Management

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Paris -- May 30, 2006 -- Franprix and Leader Price have chosen MySQL, the world's
most popular open source database, to manage the data in their
enterprise-wide supply chain and product distribution platforms -- servicing
over 620 Franprix stores and 490 Leader Price outlets.

The MySQL-based information system covers all the business needs of the
entire supply and distribution chain: from purchase management, order
preparation, warehouse logistics, and product inventory for all the Franprix
and Leader Price stores.

The retailers' IT group selected the open source database while migrating to
a more modern architecture and consolidating its hardware and software
infrastructure. The new system had to be able to scale according to the
needs of the stores, their growing numbers, and the increasing amount of
data. The company was looking for a fast, robust, and reliable relational
database with very low administration requirements. After an in-depth
analysis of the possible alternatives, the MySQL open source database proved
to be the best choice.

Thanks to its pluggable storage engine architecture, MySQL is extremely
flexible and fast. The various components of the system can use MySQL's
different storage engines - both transactional and Web-optimized -- in the
same application, running on Sun Solaris servers and using an interface
developed with Windev. This has improved performance in managing the
databases containing over 100 GB of data per warehouse.

According to an internal project manager; "In addition to the opportunity to
use several different engines, the main advantage of MySQL is that it is
easy to install, easy to administer and easy to use. It's not 'plug-and-play',
but rather almost 'install-and-forget'! The solution is perfectly in line
with our internal philosophy of performance at the best price."

The company rolled out the system in each of its warehouses, setting up
replicated databases in a number of them. It already manages over 200 user
movements simultaneously every day. The IT staff was trained by MySQL AB's
expert professional services group.

"We are delighted that these two leading French retailers have selected
MySQL for this critical business application," said Bertrand Matthelié,
MySQL AB's Director of Marketing for EMEA. "As their chains expand in
France and other European countries, MySQL can help them remain efficient
while keeping their operational costs - and product prices - down."

Franprix and Leader Price also subscribed to the MySQL Network offering,
combining peace-of-mind and production support with ease of use. MySQL
Network offers them a direct access to MySQL senior support staff 24/7 in
addition to certified software, updates & upgrades, technical alerts, a
comprehensive knowledge base and other advantages.

About Franprix and Leader Price

The distribution platforms supply more than 1,100 stores from a dozen of
warehouses located throughout France, bringing high quality products at
discounted prices closer to the customers.

About MySQL

MySQL AB develops and supports a family of high-performance, affordable
database products - including MySQL Network, a comprehensive set of
certified software and premium support services. The company's flagship
product is the MySQL Server, the world's most popular open source database,
with more than 10 million active installations. Many of the world's largest
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With headquarters in Sweden and the United States - and operations around
the world - MySQL AB supports both open source values and corporate
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