Kickfire Enters into MySQL Enterprise Agreement with Sun


Kickfire Brings Powerful Purpose-Built Analytic Appliance to the MySQL World

Santa Clara, CA – October 14, 2008 – Kickfire™, Inc. today
announced that it has entered into a global multi-year MySQL
Enterprise™ data warehouse agreement with Sun Microsystems. Under the
terms, Kickfire's Series 2000 and 3000 analytic appliances will include
a MySQL Enterprise subscription, providing customers with a fully
integrated, plug-and-play solution. Kickfire will provide customers a
single point of contact for both hardware and MySQL™ technical support,
ensuring a seamless end-user experience.

Sun's MySQL Enterprise database subscription is a comprehensive set of production-tested
software, proactive monitoring tools, and premium support services -- designed to help corporate
database developers, DBAs and other customers to deliver optimal performance, reliability,
security, and uptime for their critical MySQL applications.

Kickfire's small form factor analytic appliance is designed for the
vibrant MySQL market to break through today's performance, data
scalability, and costly hardware buildout problems. The
appliance, which transparently integrates MySQL Enterprise, Kickfire's
pluggable MySQL analytic
storage engine and the industry's only SQL chip, delivers world
record-breaking performance and
price-performance as demonstrated on the rigorous TPC-H* data
warehousing benchmark.
Kickfire took number one position in both non-clustered system
performance and
price/performance – beating all other column store analytic databases,
relational databases and
data warehouse appliances on the 300GB and 100GB tests.

"Before Kickfire, MySQL customers who wanted high-performance analytics had to choose
between expensive manual tuning, adding hardware or migrating to a proprietary data warehouse
appliance or column store database engine," commented Raj Cherabuddi, president and founder
of Kickfire. "These solutions can be extremely expensive and none can match the query
performance speeds of a Kickfire appliance at our mass market prices."

In addition to high performance, Kickfire's appliance offers unrivaled integration with existing
MySQL environments. Kickfire integrates hardware and software into a simple plug-and-play
appliance, increasing the ease-of-use of MySQL and streamlining the customer purchase,
installation and support processes. Kickfire also features built-in MySQL data migration utilities
that are not found in other offerings, to greatly simplify initial product setup and speed time-tovalue.

Once installed, Kickfire’s appliance does not rely on pre-computed results. Instead, Kickfire
delivers its fast performance on complex ad hoc queries across a wide variety of schemas and
SQL commands, simplifying administration and enhancing user value.

"Industry demand for database solutions that accelerate query performance at an affordable cost
is at an all-time high which is why data warehousing continues to grow dramatically as a use case
for MySQL," said Mark Burton, vice president, MySQL Global Software Practice, Sun
Microsystems. "Kickfire's analytic appliance is a unique approach that brings data warehousing
and BI to a mass market of users."

About TPC-H

The TPC Benchmark™H (TPC-H) is an industry standard decision support benchmark defined
and maintained by the Transaction Processing Council (TPC). The TPC is a non-profit
corporation founded to define transaction processing and database benchmarks and to
disseminate objective, verifiable TPC performance data to the industry. A vendor is required to
go through a stringent testing and audit process prior to officially publishing TPC-H results. More
information is available at

About Kickfire

Kickfire provides the first high-performance, easy-to-use analytic appliance for the burgeoning
MySQL market. Based on a patented SQL chip that packs the power of tens of CPUs into an
exceptionally small, low-power form factor, Kickfire delivers a quantum leap in performance
efficiency -- avoiding the hardware build out, power, and space costs of today's data warehouse
and database offerings. By delivering astoundingly fast query performance out of the box,
Kickfire’s plug and play appliance enables organizations to use MySQL for demanding
business intelligence, reporting, and analysis. Kickfire appliances scale from gigabytes to
terabytes and are based on Linux and commodity hardware. They leverage existing storage as
well as the openness of MySQL and its entire ecosystem to ensure compatibility and rapid
deployment. Kickfire is backed by blue chip venture capital firms: Accel Partners, Greylock
Partners, The Mayfield Fund and Pinnacle Ventures. For more information, please visit


* As of October 14, 2008, the Kickfire Database Appliance
Series 2400 delivers 54,895 QphH@300GB (Queries per hour on the TPC-H
benchmark) propelling Kickfire to world leadership in query performance
(non-clustered systems) on the 300GB TPC-H benchmark. Kickfire is also
number one in price/performance at $0.89/QphH@300GB USD on the 300GB
benchmark. Moreover, Kickfire delivers this record breaking performance
with a 3 year total system cost of only $48,790 USD. Kickfire's price
performance metric can be found at The
Kickfire Database Appliance is in beta and will be available October
14, 2008.

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