Leading Online Advertising Firms Select MySQL to Help Power their Business

Leading Online Advertising Firms Select MySQL to Help Power their Business

Gorilla Nation Media and Other Leading Vendors Rely on Sun's Open, Scalable Database

Note: An audio interview podcast with Alex Godelman, VP of Technology for Gorilla Nation Media is available here.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- August 13, 2008 -- Sun Microsystems,Inc. today announced that leading online advertising representationfirm Gorilla Nation Media has selected a MySQL Enterprise? databasesubscription to help power its business intelligence platform. Withmore than 66 million unique visitors per month, Gorilla Nation turnedto Sun to help support the exponential growth of its business byimproving performance and lowering costs.

MySQL?, the world's most popular open source database, is available for download at www.mysql.com.

"Leading online ad platforms such as Google, Gorilla Nation,ValueClick and Yahoo have all employed MySQL to help cost-effectivelydevelop and sustain their data-intensive technology infrastructure,"said Zack Urlocker, vice-president of products, Database Group, SunMicrosystems. "These blue-chip ad vendors highlight the innovation andbusiness growth that is possible when powering today's Web economy."

Recognized by Deloitte Technology as one of the fastest 500 growingcompanies in America, Gorilla Nation exclusively handles media salesfor more than 500 high traffic websites. The company opted to build abusiness intelligence platform on MySQL that manages more than oneterabyte of data and provides vital real-time traffic and advertisingcampaign performance information. This data is then used to helpadvertisers determine how to reach a specific age and incomedemographic and best spend their advertising budget. Gorilla Nationalso relies on MySQL to capture all transactions and clickstream datarequired for invoicing and billing.

"Gorilla Nation has experienced huge growth in recent years andsubsequently we needed strong database technology that we could operatequickly and efficiently without paying the huge upfront licensing costsrequired by proprietary software," said Alex Godelman, VP, Technology,Gorilla Nation. "MySQL Enterprise has delivered outstanding performance-- allowing us to scale efficiently as more and more publishers andadvertisers have begun to use our service."

Gorilla Nation selected MySQL Enterprise to provide full support forits critical database applications. MySQL Enterprise is a comprehensivesubscription, consisting of production-tested software, proactivemonitoring tools, and premium support services. More information isavailable at www.mysql.com/enterprise

About Sun's MySQL Database

MySQL is the most popular open source database software in theworld. Many of the world's largest and fastest-growing organizationsuse MySQL to save time and money powering their high-volume Web sites,critical business systems, and packaged software. At www.mysql.com,Sun provides corporate users with commercial subscriptions andservices, and actively supports the large MySQL open source developercommunity.

About Gorilla Nation

Gorilla Nation (www.gorillanation.com)is the world's largest online ad sales rep firm. Thecompany exclusively represents the online ad inventory of over 500leading midtail webpublishers, and sells integrated media and promotional programs toFortune 500 brandadvertisers. Working closely with its web publisher partners, GN'sexpertise within 35 selectvertical markets provides advertising clients the ability to build highimpact, rich media programs across one or more properties to providesuperior audience reach. The company is committed to deliveringintegrated creative media programs, from concept through execution, andexceptional customer service. Founded in 2001, the company isheadquartered in Los Angeles with offices in New York, Chicago, SanFrancisco, Toronto and London.

About Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Sun Microsystems develops the technologies that power the globalmarketplace. Guided by a singular vision -- "The Network is theComputer"? -- Sun drives network participation through sharedinnovation, community development and open source leadership. Sun canbe found in more than 100 countries and on the Web at http://sun.com.

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