MySQL Expands Telecom Services to Meet Growing Demand

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INTEROP 2006, NEW YORK –- September 19, 2006 -- MySQL AB, developer of the world’s most popular open source database, today announced that it is expanding its telecom-specific services and consulting offerings to meet increased industry demand for MySQL®-powered software. MySQL's momentum in the networking and telecommunications industry has been growing as a number of the industry's top carriers, operators and infrastructure ISVs select the MySQL and MySQL Cluster databases for low-cost, reliable and carrier-grade data management.

Today, over 50 of the world's leading networking and telecom companies employ MySQL for critical database applications, including Alcatel, Clarus Systems, Crannog Software, Critical Path, Empirix, Ericsson, Micromuse (IBM), Nokia, Nortel, Telio and Tellme Networks.

MySQL Cluster is a special high-end version of the MySQL database specifically designed for fault-tolerant, mission-critical applications that need strict scalability and high-availability, as are common in the communications industry. The high-performance MySQL Server and MySQL Cluster are used for a wide range of networking and telecommunications applications, including those for enterprise network management, Home Location Registry (HLR), and Voice over IP (VoIP).

"As the telecom and networking markets are converging, companies are being forced to operate more efficiently and increase customer satisfaction,” said Ulf Sandberg, MySQL AB’s vice president of worldwide services. “Our company offers a strong, focused competency in telecom data management. As these industry leaders are experiencing, MySQL can play a successful role in building high-performance, high-availability infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of traditional proprietary software.”

"MySQL is the high-performance data management engine powering Clarus Systems' IP telephony productivity solutions for integrators and enterprises," said Brendan Reidy, CEO at Clarus Systems. "MySQL's reliability and speed have helped us develop software that maximizes the availability and performance of enterprise telephony networks, even for very large, distributed deployments. MySQL's affordability and straight-forward licensing made it an easy choice."

MySQL Expands Services for Telecom Customers

MySQL has expanded its telecom-specific industry services and consulting to address the increased demand for the MySQL and MySQL Cluster databases. Telecom customers can now choose from a range of MySQL consulting and services, including:

  • MySQL Cluster Jumpstart Packaged Consulting: MySQL consultants use proven methodologies and expertise in database clustering, replication, fail-over, fault-tolerance and other high availability techniques to "jumpstart" telecommunications database projects.
  • Custom Telecom Consulting: For large telecommunications projects or those with company-specific requirements, MySQL AB can deliver a custom team of experienced MySQL certified consultants to successfully implement MySQL and MySQL Cluster-based projects, including on-site projects.
  • MySQL Certified Support: Database experts with telecom-specific competencies can provide 24x7 technical services to telecommunications customers to maintain their critical always-on systems.

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